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alberto fuentes pajaro at
Mon Oct 2 13:43:13 UTC 2017

On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 3:31 PM, alcinos <french.ebook.lover at> wrote:
> This is known, but it is nice to have a tracking of the things that remains
> to be reimplemented.
> For this, one task for each feature might be too much, you can create a task
> "Missing Features" under the appropriate category (bin, timeline, ...)

Okay, will do, because after digging a little, too many things (as in
regressions) are still missing  :)

> Considered that it is still experimental, you'd better backup everything if
> you don't want it to be lost :) Plus if you save in the new version, it will
> not open in the previous one.
> AFAIR, caches should be fine, but settings could be messed up a bit (we made
> some changes there)

$ locate kdenlive | grep home

I guess I should had backed up:

- .cache/kdenlive
- .cache/kdenlive-thumbs.kcache
- .cache/kdenlive-timeline-thumbs.kcache
- .config/kdenlive.notifyrc
- .config/kdenliverc
- .local/share/kdenlive/
- Documents/titles/

I hope it didnt mess too many things from my current projects u.u

An option to start using a prefix or saving everything under the
current folder would be great :D

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