[kdenlive] Git branch for release and translations

Jbm jb at kdenlive.org
Wed Feb 25 08:10:42 UTC 2015

>> > My preference would be to ask for a rapid rename of "master" to
>> > (legacy) and "15.04" to "master" (holding latest working code).
>This will
>> > mess up build/packaging scripts, but I think it's time to go
>> > Else renaming "frameworks" to "next" and "15.04" to "frameworks"
>> > sound stupid. What's your opinion?
>> > Please answer rapidly, as it will take some time for sysadmins to
>> > the ticket during these busy days!
>> I was coming here to say that, now "KDE" does the official branching
>> can still have as many non-official branches as you want) which means
>> to be conforming with the rest of "KDE Applications" your master
>needs to
>> be what is going to be part of next release.
>> Please make it happen ASAP.
>Guys, i'm not sure you're aware of the urgency of this.
>Tomorrow is the freeze, and then branching will come around weekend. If
>then your branching scheme is not confirming you can't be part of the

Hi Albert,

Thanks for the warning. Vincent filled a sysadmin ticket asking for the branch renaming yesterday morning. 
>From what I understood, this job has to be done by a sysadmin not to mess up personal clones, so there is nothing that we can do but wait for the busy sysadmins to process our request.

If i am wrong and there is something else that should be done by us, please let us know.. 

Thanks & regards

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