[kdenlive] Git branch for release and translations

Vincent Pinon vpinon at kde.org
Wed Feb 25 21:21:35 UTC 2015

Le mercredi 25 février 2015, 09:10:42 Jbm a écrit :
> Thanks for the warning. Vincent filled a sysadmin ticket asking for the branch renaming yesterday morning. 
> From what I understood, this job has to be done by a sysadmin not to mess up personal clones, so there is nothing that we can do but wait for the busy sysadmins to process our request.
> If i am wrong and there is something else that should be done by us, please let us know.. 


Sysadmins answered (on IRC) advising me to do a proper git merge instead of forcing branches, avoiding to break clones...
This took me quite some time to resolve conflicts, but saved all the changes on diverged branches!

So just in time, *master now follows the new release*, based on KDE Frameworks 5 & MLT 0.9.4!
Expect then some difficulties to get it built, please read carefully the notes on
please complete with more detailed explanations, handling other distro etc,
and ask for help here, or on forum, or on new bugs.kde.org Kdenlive section (only one bug please)!

And then please test test test !

Time for a blog post (tomorrow)?


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