[kdenlive] Git branch for release and translations

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Tue Feb 24 22:46:05 UTC 2015

El Dilluns, 23 de febrer de 2015, a les 22:18:22, Albert Astals Cid va 
> El Dilluns, 23 de febrer de 2015, a les 21:56:59, Vincent Pinon va escriure:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > Freeze for KDE Apps is within 48h (not sure we are in),
> > but one problem we have with our git layout is that we are *missing all
> > the
> > translation efforts* on the "15.04" release branch. i18n strings are auto
> > extracted only for "master" and "frameworks".
> > 
> > My preference would be to ask for a rapid rename of "master" to "KDE4"
> > (legacy) and "15.04" to "master" (holding latest working code). This will
> > mess up build/packaging scripts, but I think it's time to go forward...
> > Else renaming "frameworks" to "next" and "15.04" to "frameworks" wouldn't
> > sound stupid. What's your opinion?
> > Please answer rapidly, as it will take some time for sysadmins to process
> > the ticket during these busy days!
> I was coming here to say that, now "KDE" does the official branching (you
> can still have as many non-official branches as you want) which means that
> to be conforming with the rest of "KDE Applications" your master needs to
> be what is going to be part of next release.
> Please make it happen ASAP.

Guys, i'm not sure you're aware of the urgency of this.

Tomorrow is the freeze, and then branching will come around weekend. If by 
then your branching scheme is not confirming you can't be part of the release.


> Cheers,
>   Albert
> > Vincent.
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