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Gurjot Singh Bhatti bhattigurjot at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 18:33:14 UTC 2015

On 16 February 2015 at 23:44, Steve Guilford
<s.guilford at asterionmultimedia.com> wrote:
> You've got a slight issue at the moment given that a KF5 version of Kdenlive
> is forthcoming in the near term future.
> Ideally, you'd make your modifications against that branch.  But, there are
> stability issues presently that make 'modifications' problematic given the
> thrust and intent of ongoing work.
> Therefore, if you're itching to get started right away, I'd use Ubu 14.04
> and Kdevelop4, making modifications against the current 0.9.10 release.
> Bear in mind, however, that you may have to take on the task of applying the
> modifications against the KF5 release once it is ready.

So just to get myself familiar with the stuff I can make use of KF4. Right?
And yes I will take on that task.

> If you can wait a few months for the KF5 release to come up to the surface
> that may make integration and acceptance of your proposed mods more
> streamlined.

Is there something that I should focus on right now? Some task maybe?

Gurjot Singh Bhatti
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