[kdenlive] Developing and communicating

jb jb at kdenlive.org
Fri Feb 6 14:54:29 UTC 2015

On Wednesday 04 February 2015 07.46:49 Vincent Pinon wrote:
> Hello,
> From my point of view, Kdenlive is in a transition period not very easy to
> handle. After excitement of the new things with Frameworks 5 (rapidly
> handled!), we have entered yet a new difficult refactoring effort. Where to
> start, where to stop?
> We have targets on todo.kde.org, but main items are not so easy...
> Organizing a sprint would certainly be a good thing, with more than 2 devs?
> (actually I'm counting for 0.5 :-\ )

Sorry for the late answer, busy weeks at work. I agree that the work required 
for the refactoring is huge, and despite my efforts to break the refactoring 
into smaller steps this will still take a few more months to finish, meanwhile 
Kdenlive KF5 is not usable in production.

I like Steve's idea to make a KF5 release that is just the current KDE4 
version ported to KF5 (without the refactoring work). This can easily be done, 
but would require some user testing to make sure it works.

That way, we might be able to get into the KDE Applications 15.04 (*) release, 
but that would require help from everyone involved to make it!

(*) see schedule: 

This would allow us to have a stable KF5 version for users while finishing the 
refactoring work that will probably last 5-6 more months.

If we agree on that idea, we will need a few users testing Kdenlive, and 1-2 
persons to coordinate with the KDE release team to make sure we meet all 
requirements and deadlines.

> These issues are sometimes with Kdenlive itself, but often with multimedia
> stack (ffmpeg/libav and MLT combinations: difficult to reproduce every
> case). Most of the time the solution proposed is to switch to MLT daily
> builds which embed all the libs, but this is not satisfactory to have
> broken distro packages!

I also think that a new MLT release would be nice.

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