[kdenlive] Developing and communicating

Vincent Pinon vpinon at kde.org
Fri Feb 6 20:52:08 UTC 2015

Le vendredi 6 février 2015, 15:54:29 jb a écrit :
> I like Steve's idea to make a KF5 release that is just the current KDE4 
> version ported to KF5 (without the refactoring work). This can easily be done, 
> but would require some user testing to make sure it works.
> This would allow us to have a stable KF5 version for users while finishing the 
> refactoring work that will probably last 5-6 more months.
> If we agree on that idea, we will need a few users testing Kdenlive, and 1-2 
> persons to coordinate with the KDE release team to make sure we meet all 
> requirements and deadlines.

That's also what I had in mind.
I can see with release people if you want
(usually Albert sends reminders, Mario suggested to see first with multimedia team?)

I would branch 15.04 from commit b93afb just before your 1st refactoring change,
cherry-pick some fixes that came after (448f04, fe438f, 79269e, 9bd005, cabe1e, 479b76)...

We should also provide build instructions (KF5 dependencies)
and even maybe packages (sunab? it seems Arch & Mint have done the work?)
(and what about Jenkins: can we get it building the branch, and get the output?)

What about discussing this on IRC (freenode #kdenlive)?
As a start, I propose you to fill the following poll to arrange the meeting
oops, didn't precise "France/Germany time", maybe not very convenient for overseas people?
In the meantime I'll try to hang around more regularly on the channel...



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