[Kdenlive-devel] movit in kdenlive build script

Brian Matherly pez4brian at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 15 16:40:46 UTC 2014

>> My laptop has an i5 with the Intel graphics. I can't use OpenGL with
>> Shotcut because it requires OpenGl 2.2 and the chipset in my laptop only
>> supports 2.1. I personally expect that there will be plenty of people in
>> the world who are happily editing SD content on an older machine who will
>> no longer be able to use KDENLIVE when they upgrade.
>There's no such thing as OpenGL 2.2; there's 2.1 and there's 3.0. Movit's
>OpenGL requirements are phrased in terms of extension support; OpenGL 3.0
>contains all the features that are needed, but in almost any OpenGL 2.1
>implementation will do (the extra extensions required over 2.1 are very

Sorry, I was off by a digit. I should have said that my laptop suports 3.1 but Shotcut requires 3.2 to use movit filters.

>What kind of chipset is this? As far as I can see, every Intel chipset since
>4th generation should have the required extensions. That's 2006, so you're
>talking eight years ago. My main Movit developer laptop has 5th generation,
>and it's starting to get so old that it's hard to find spare parts if
>anything should break down.

I think your comments about 8 years is a helpful data point for this discussion.

>There are two different questions in play here, by the way; requiring support
>for the OpenGL monitor (requires only OpenGL 1.1, I think?), and requiring
>Movit support. Maybe one could get to the point where one would go for #1 but
>not #2, but the answer to “is it worth it” is currently a resounding “maybe”
>as far as I can see. :-)

That's good insight. In my opinion, it would be reasonable to require relatively new hardware in order to take advantage of the Movit features. But the monitor is fundamental to the operation of the application - and it should be supported on older hardware within reason.

As far as my own use cases, I have a capture rig in another room with a sempron processor that I use for capturing from VCRs. I keep the whole rig in another room so that I don't clutter up my office with multiple VCRs and other equipment. That's a fairly old machine (approaching the 10 year range), but it is perfectly suited for capturing DV with KDENLIVE. And I would be disappointed if one day I upgraded KDENLIVE and it stopped working. Now, in this specific case, the machine has an NVIDIA chipset and supports OpenGL 2.1 - so, from the sounds of things, it should keep working with the opengl monitor for quite some time.


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