[Kdenlive-devel] PATCH: Support for Dynamic Text Filter in Effect Stack

Till Theato root at ttill.de
Sat Sep 24 15:41:08 UTC 2011

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On 09/23/2011 04:51 AM, Brian Matherly wrote:
>>> thanks for the patch and the filter! That's exactly what a
>>> number of people have requested. We are currently in string and
>>> feature freeze for the 0.8.2 release. I will review and commit
>>> your patch after the release. Looking at the screenshots: Maybe
>>> there could be presets for the text? Like an editable drop down
>>> (including '#filedate#',
>> '#frame#', ...)?
>> I initially thought the same thing. However, it also supports
>> keywords embedded in static text, and you can specify any frame
>> property (including producer meta attributes). I think the
>> extended help should contain a list of special keywords like
>> filedate, etc., in addition to some other popular choices.
> Maybe there could be a dropdown box next to the text box with
> common keywords. When the user selects a keyword from the
> drop-down, the keyword is added to the textbox at the cursor
> position (rather than replacing the entire contents of the box).
> The user would receive immediate feedback on the preview screen of
> how the keyword will be replaced. If they choose keywords that
> don't apply (like filedate on a color clip or a producer property
> that doesn't exist) then they will see that the text doesn't
> produce useful results.
> I'll see what I can come up with.

I just had a look at your patch and there are several things that
prevented me from committing it before the release.

Please add an XML effect description (see the xml files in effects/
and effects/README). This will make the parameter names translatable.
It would also be possible then to add a comment about the meaning of
the keywords (see SOP/Sat effect for an example). Additionally for the
geometry parameter the keyframe functionality can be hidden.

Please also use the already existing color widget (type "color").



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