[Kdenlive-devel] TalkOSS and Kdenlive

Simon A. Eugster simon.eu at gmail.com
Sun Jun 13 12:08:33 UTC 2010

Hi Andrew,

Sounds interesting. This kind of development (start working on a project 
and add missing features) is my favourite one :)

Depending on what you'll need it actually won't be kdenlive only to improve 
but also MLT.

Looking forward to your project, and good luck!

On 11.06.2010 09:32, Andrew Manson wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I was chatting on the IRC channel Wednesday night with Alberto and got a
> chance to a discuss proposal I have for the Kdenlive team with him. All
> and all Alberto seemed like he liked the idea but urged me to bring the
> discussion up on the mailing list, so that's why I'm here!
> I would call myself a KDE developer (even though I have not been
> developing for a while now) and have worked quite extensively on the
> Marble Desktop Globe project. Lately I have been working on a new
> project, apart from development, that will need some help/collaboration
> from the Kdenlive team and hopefully will end up with a mutually
> beneficial relationship between Kdenlive and TalkOSS.
> The "big idea" is actually quite simple but has not yet been done quite
> right by anyone else. Let me explain....
> We have many great Open Source Conferences around the world that are
> informative, useful to the community and sometimes quite entertaining. A
> lot of effort has been put into the organisation of the kind of events
> and at some of them (sometimes only ones with bigger budgets) there has
> been some effort put into recording the conferences. I have been to two
> of the larger ones that have had these higher budget recordings but
> there has been something lacking from these recordings and that has
> resulted in some pretty poor quality videos being released sometimes up
> to 4 months later than the conference. An example of such a video is
> currently up on my website www.talkoss.com <http://www.talkoss.com>.
> My vision is to have professional people record these conferences,
> because that professional edge will be noticed instantaneously in the
> quality of the videos. Also I would like to have one place on the
> Internet where everyone can come together and watch these videos without
> having to go to disparate corners of the Internet to piece together an
> experience of a conference. There needs to be no barrier to entry in
> either the quality or the availability of the videos and I hope to be
> the man to give that to the world, with a bit of help.
> This is where you guys come in. If I am planning to provide the world
> with professional quality videos I need a professional quality editing
> suite to edit them. I could invest in a professional suite like Adobe
> Final Cut pro but this is a no-go for 2 reasons. Firstly I will be
> starting this venture on a donations only basis to hopefully just break
> even and spending all of the generous donations on licencing fees
> instead of putting it to good work would seem criminal. Secondly, and
> this is much more important in my opinion, I don't believe that it is
> inherently *right* to be in the business of promoting open source and
> not be using open source tools for the entire process. This probably
> shows up my feelings about open source quite strongly but I a am a
> fanatic an I will always strive for what I believe in, and never
> compromise on the important things.
> Having made the decision to use open source tools I will inevitably be
> compromising on the stability and feature set of the editing suite for
> what I believe in, but I only see this as a short term problem. One of
> the things that I mentioned to Alberto on Wednesday was that I really
> like the concept of the Blender Foundation's "Project Peach" which most
> of you will know as Big Buck Bunny. They set out to produce a
> professional quality short animated film with blender and at any
> stumbling block where they needed a particular feature or the stability
> of the core was not up to scratch they had a team of developers to
> improve the blender software so that they could get the job done. This
> was a very successful project and ended up in some really exciting
> improvements being made to Blender and I don't see any reason why we
> cannot recreate the same effect. The "big project" this time will be
> TalkOSS.
> This is enough for my introductory email. I will need to start some
> separate discussions on what I feel we need to do, organisationally, to
> get this idea off the ground but those should be discussion items and
> should be separate from this email. And also, just to be clear, I'm not
> just coming around here asking for you guys to develop things for me so
> that I can get TalkOSS off the ground. I am instead offering my services
> as a developer and a heavy user/tester but my focus will be more so
> using the tool instead of developing new and exciting features that I
> won't need, in very much the same way as the Big Buck Bunny crew did.
> I'm sorry for the really long email but this is actually my first public
> announcement of the TalkOSS project and I wanted it to be complete.
> Please let me know what you all think of the idea and if you think we
> could work together on this one.
> Cheers,
> Chris Manson  (a.k.a Andrew, Chris is my middle name ;)
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