[Kdenlive-devel] 0.7.6 crashes on Ubuntu 9.10

Dan Dennedy dan at dennedy.org
Thu Dec 24 17:34:16 UTC 2009

On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 12:47 PM, Damien Hull
<dhull at digital-overload.net> wrote:
> GTK-recordmydesktop works fine. I can play the video. Just not with kdenlive. The melt player won't play the video. It seems kdenlive needs work. Unless there's something I'm missing. So far nobody is giving me any useful information.

It is well known editing Ogg Theora is problematic. This is due to
known problems with seeking on Ogg Theora in the FFmpeg libs. You can
verify this by playing it with ffplay and clicking around on the video
window to make it seek. More effort is being put into improving the
MLT FFmpeg plugin for all formats instead of creating a new plugin to
remedy Ogg Theora, e.g. using gstreamer.

I suggest to try 2 things to work with an Ogg Theora clip. In the
Project Tree, right-click the clip to get the Transcode menu. There
should be a "Fix Ogg Theora," which remuxes the Ogg in a way that
ffmpeg likes, but can also introduce an a/v sync problem. The second
also under Transcode, is to choose Lossless Matroska, which will give
you a huge file because it is lossless.

> Here's a sample video that I rendered with kdenlive using the youtube settings. I don't know why it looks this way.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3u8K1K9y7w
> Here's an example without kdenlive. I recorded the video with GTK-recordmydesktop and just uploaded the ogv file to youtube.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqdiPDD0IOQ
> 1. Why is the kdenlive video so small? Most of it is a black border.

Not sure without more details. I would expect black borders on only 2
sides if the project setting does not match the source.

> 2. Is there something wrong with melt? It won't play video of any kind.

Hehe, yes, that would be a major problem your build of MLT. I seem to
be hearing an echo. Did you install libsdl1.2debian-pulseaudio or
-all? (Or, preferably, does the package now require that?)

> 3. I've seen screen casts that were made with kdenlive. Why are there no instructions for this?

There is a video tutorial for creating a custom project setting, which
is really all that is special for screencasts. The problem with Ogg
Theora is documented in forums and bug tracker.

> 4. Is Kdenlive 0.7.6 for Ubuntu working? I only ask cause it seems to crash a lot and I can't get any of it to work right.

good, legitimate question.

> I think kdenlive has a lot of features and looks like it could be a great video editing tool. However, it doesn't do anyone any good if it doesn't work.

Works rather well for me, and I know for some others as well. I wish
the distro packages worked better. I wish it worked with PulseAudio
immediately upon install (by installing the SDL pulseaudio backend). I
wish recordmydesktop would record to something other than Ogg Theora.
I wish FFmpeg libavformat had better support for Ogg Theora and AVCHD.
I wish someone would contribute a gstreamer plugin for MLT. I wish
someone would contribute a gmerlin-avdecoder plugin for MLT. Oh well,
can't speak for the others, but I still have the rest of my life to
work on this wish list at my own pace.


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