[Kdenlive-devel] Mantis update following the release of Kdenlive 0.7

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Thu Nov 13 16:10:30 UTC 2008

Thanks Mads,

This sounds exactly like what I was feeling is needed. Ultimately it's
JB's decision, but I would love to see a "release often" kind of
approach taken. It let's us pin bugs to version numbers more easily
and also helps build more of a sense of progress with users who don't
live in Mantis / SVN. Of course it's *completely* understandable that
there was no release for so long with the move to KDE4 libs. Now
that's done and we're into stabilization though it would be great to
always have a release "just around the corner". Personally I love
KDE's monthly .0X bugfix releases.

PS Mads, are updaters supposed to be able to set target versions? I
don't see anywhere I'm able. Fine if I'm not *supposed* to be able,
but I thought I'd check.

On 11/12/08, Mads Bondo Dydensborg <mads at dydensborg.dk> wrote:
> Hi everybody
> Congrats on the 0.7 release, JB! Thanks a lot for it!
> I have now come around to update some stuff in mantis. From now on, when an
> issue has been fixed in svn, and an updater has confirmed the fix, please
> _resolve_ the issue, rather than _close_ the issue. Closing will take place
> upon release. (Yes, I know it was my idea to close initially, Dan has
> enlightened me).
> Antipicitating a surge in issues beeing reported, I have shuffled bugs
> about,
> such that the changelog and the roadmap for kdenlive on
> http://www.kdenlive.org/mantis should now reflect both the policy and what
> has actually happened. I think both changelog and roadmap now are rather
> nice.
> Status on the issues are like this:
> new: 23 (a large number of these will be trivial to discard, I think, they
> are
> leftovers from kdenlive 0.5 mostly.)
> feedback: 24 (ongoing, a few of these will be discarded)
> acknowledged/assigned: 52 (many of these are feature requests)
> closed: 254
> And, some stats:
> from 90 to 60 days ago, 9 issues were opened, and 13 issues were "closed"
> from 60 to 30 days ago, 31 issues were opened, and 55 issues were "closed"
> from 30 days ago to today, 140 issues were opened, and 148 issues
> were "closed"
> In the last 3 days, 25 issues has been opened, and 23 "closed". No wonder it
> seemed a bit hectic.
> Re the changelog: A total of 79 issues were aknowledged and fixed between
> beta
> 0.7 and 0.7. Great work, jb.
> Note, that non-acknowledged or non-assigned issues should not have a target
> version. I have been unable to delete the target versions for the 5-6 there
> were of these, and have instead set them to KDE4svn.
> Re the roadmap: All acknowledged issues now have a target version of 0.7.1.
> Depending on the time window for 0.7.1 this wont do. If the window is, say,
> 1
> month, a lot of them needs to be moved to "future version" (which is now a
> version tag). If it is 6 months, perhaps everything can be kept/fixed.
> Personally, I think, that in order to keep momentum, the release cycle
> should
> be rather short. Perhaps aim for a Christmas release of 0.7.1? I reckon it
> is
> up to JB to decide at some point. For such a short cycle, perhaps 10-15
> (perhaps more) of the most important issues (of the 52 on the roadmap)
> should
> be kept as targetting 0.7.1, whereas the rest should be moved to "future
> version". For new issues, we should judge based on time and impact of each
> issue.
> I am leaving town for a couple of days, but when I come back, I am going to
> see if the mantis database can be configured further to support the workflow
> as laid out in the policy document. Also, I will put the policy (and
> diagram)
> on the docs page in mantis. Oh, and there are still open seats if you would
> like to become an updater/reviewer/qa person :-) IMHO the stats of the last
> month underline the need for more people to act as "filters" on the mantis
> database.
> Again, thanks for a great release, JB and all the rest of you.
> Regards
> Mads
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