[Kdenlive-devel] Mantis update following the release of Kdenlive 0.7

Mads Bondo Dydensborg mads at dydensborg.dk
Wed Nov 12 22:41:55 UTC 2008

Hi everybody

Congrats on the 0.7 release, JB! Thanks a lot for it!

I have now come around to update some stuff in mantis. From now on, when an 
issue has been fixed in svn, and an updater has confirmed the fix, please 
_resolve_ the issue, rather than _close_ the issue. Closing will take place 
upon release. (Yes, I know it was my idea to close initially, Dan has 
enlightened me).

Antipicitating a surge in issues beeing reported, I have shuffled bugs about, 
such that the changelog and the roadmap for kdenlive on 
http://www.kdenlive.org/mantis should now reflect both the policy and what 
has actually happened. I think both changelog and roadmap now are rather 

Status on the issues are like this:
new: 23 (a large number of these will be trivial to discard, I think, they are 
leftovers from kdenlive 0.5 mostly.)
feedback: 24 (ongoing, a few of these will be discarded)
acknowledged/assigned: 52 (many of these are feature requests)
closed: 254 

And, some stats:
from 90 to 60 days ago, 9 issues were opened, and 13 issues were "closed"
from 60 to 30 days ago, 31 issues were opened, and 55 issues were "closed"
from 30 days ago to today, 140 issues were opened, and 148 issues 
were "closed"

In the last 3 days, 25 issues has been opened, and 23 "closed". No wonder it 
seemed a bit hectic.

Re the changelog: A total of 79 issues were aknowledged and fixed between beta 
0.7 and 0.7. Great work, jb.

Note, that non-acknowledged or non-assigned issues should not have a target 
version. I have been unable to delete the target versions for the 5-6 there 
were of these, and have instead set them to KDE4svn.

Re the roadmap: All acknowledged issues now have a target version of 0.7.1. 
Depending on the time window for 0.7.1 this wont do. If the window is, say, 1 
month, a lot of them needs to be moved to "future version" (which is now a 
version tag). If it is 6 months, perhaps everything can be kept/fixed.

Personally, I think, that in order to keep momentum, the release cycle should 
be rather short. Perhaps aim for a Christmas release of 0.7.1? I reckon it is 
up to JB to decide at some point. For such a short cycle, perhaps 10-15 
(perhaps more) of the most important issues (of the 52 on the roadmap) should 
be kept as targetting 0.7.1, whereas the rest should be moved to "future 
version". For new issues, we should judge based on time and impact of each 

I am leaving town for a couple of days, but when I come back, I am going to 
see if the mantis database can be configured further to support the workflow 
as laid out in the policy document. Also, I will put the policy (and diagram) 
on the docs page in mantis. Oh, and there are still open seats if you would 
like to become an updater/reviewer/qa person :-) IMHO the stats of the last 
month underline the need for more people to act as "filters" on the mantis 

Again, thanks for a great release, JB and all the rest of you. 



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