[Kdenlive-devel] Kdenlive 0.5 file support. Was: Re: Release plan

Alberto Villa villa.alberto at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 14:20:25 UTC 2008

On Saturday 08 November 2008 14:10:13 Mads Bondo Dydensborg wrote:
> OK - I just commited some changes (2636) that supports loading the text
> clips I have.
> Here is what I usually do:
> a) start kdenlive
> b) disable all audio thumbnails and normalization
> c) load my old kdenlive 0.5 file
> d) wait, wait, wait for it to be absolutely totally done loading
> e) save the file under a new name
> f) stop kdenlive
> g) start kdenlive
> h) load the newly created file
> i) wait again
> j) Right click each title in the project tree, edit it, click ok
> step j should update the title clip, because I have been unable to force it
> to update. I have a problem where j crashes for me, but it seems that is
> general problem with my setup (which I am also working on).

i've just loaded my famous project (i had to create some link to old files) 
and tested the titles thing... well, it's working without any problem! no need 
to follow your steps, no need to resave the project, to wait for thumbnails to 
be created... nothing! it's just working as it is in 0.7!
the only difference between the old project and the new one derived from it is 
that in the old one text thumbnails (in the timeline, not in the tree) are 
green (?), but in the new one they're ok... but if you:
1. load old file
2. save to new file
3. restart kdenlive
4. load new file
5. close new file and load old one
-> thumbnails are black
but this is really not a problem

> I am about to commence work on the slideshows. Will post when I have
> something working.

unfortunately i can't help on this, i have no slideshow in my old file...
Alberto Villa <villa.alberto at gmail.com>

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