[Kdenlive-devel] Kdenlive 0.5 file support. Was: Re: Release plan

Albert ARIBAUD albert.aribaud at free.fr
Fri Nov 7 15:18:56 UTC 2008

Mads Bondo Dydensborg a écrit :
> fredag 07 November 2008 skrev Alberto Villa:
> [Kdenlive 0.5 support]
>>> I heartily second that, and offer to test-run whatever changes you do (I
>>> have a heavy 0.5 slide-show with titles which causes 0.7 do burst in
>>> flames every time I try to load it on a Pentium 4 machine with 2 GB RAM
>>> although it does load in 0.5 (but 0.5 has rendering issues with it).
>> i'm also available to test this feature, i have a 0.5 project with video, 
>> pictures, audio and lots of titles which used to have some big problem with 
>> 0.7 (on freebsd, but that shouldn't count)
> Would be nice if you already now could test against 2616, which contains some 
> fixes for kdenlive 0.5 loading (if you did not already test).
> Titles is a missing feature, but it would be great to know what more that does 
> not work.

If by titles you mean text clips, they do somehow work a bit *if* you:

- load the 0.5 kdenlive file (you see garbage as the clips)
-  save to another (now 0.7) file, look for some elements in the xml 
file and remove them manually, then load the modified file in kdenlive 
againb (you now see the clips as INVALID)
- edit each text clip
- save the file again
- load it again

You get the texts back, but most of the rest of the clip is probably gone.


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