[Kdenlive-devel] New version of Kdenlive Builder Wizard - please help me test it for KDE 4

Mads Bondo Dydensborg mads at dydensborg.dk
Sun Nov 2 07:53:40 UTC 2008

lørdag 01 November 2008 skrev el jefe delito:

(Keeping this on the list for the benefit of future googling, even though it 
is slightly off-topic, hope it is OK).

> > You need the kde3 binary kmdr-executor to use the wizard. Sorry about
> that.


> However it seems hung at the "Waiting 
> for Action Script to start: 0%" after I clicked [Go] button; the konsole
> reads:
> Displaying no new version
> Selected is Performing actions
> Is it really doing something or has it hung or crashed?

It probably is. Maybe not. What happens is that the wizard GUI launches a 
shell script, which feeds the status back into the GUI using dcop. It uses 
the actual "dcop" binary to do this. If, for some reason, it can not use the 
dcop binary (perhaps it is not in the path?), it fails to update, but may 
actually perform all the needed actions. I have not been aware of this when I 
made it, sorry, because all my KDE4 tests where on systems with KDE3 also 
installed, so I have not had this problem. You may check your /tmp directory 
to see if there is a log file there. You may also press "stop" in the GUI, 
then view log (if it is available).

What needs to be done is that I need to get a clean KDE4 installation, and 
port the wizard to the KDE4 version of kommander, and use dbus for IPC 
instead of dcop under KDE4. I have not had the time for this yet. My 



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