[Kdenlive-devel] New version of Kdenlive Builder Wizard - please help me test it for KDE 4

el jefe delito eljefedelito at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 16:23:35 UTC 2008

> You need the kde3 binary kmdr-executor to use the wizard. Sorry about

OK I removed Kommander for KDE4, changed my repos to not allow KDE4
packages, and installed for KDE3.  It launches the script nicely with:

shell$ /usr/bin/kmdr-executor kdenlive_builder_wizard-in.kmdr

and I love the look of it and the way it nicely tells me what is going on
and if I need additional software.  However it seems hung at the "Waiting
for Action Script to start: 0%" after I clicked [Go] button; the konsole

Displaying no new version
Selected is Performing actions

Is it really doing something or has it hung or crashed?
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