[Kdenlive-devel] Contributor / developer howtos ?

Albert ARIBAUD albert.aribaud at free.fr
Thu Apr 24 08:03:27 UTC 2008

Guten Tag Marco,

Marco Gittler a écrit :
> you can help developing if you want.
> first you can send patches (if you made a fix) here, or if it is more often, 
> and you want active develop kdenlive, we could put you into the developers 
> list. help is always welcome.

Maybe a developer status would be better: I could be assigned the 
kdenlive bugs I've already submitted into Mantis, that is:

- 127 (crash if loading project which has clip folders);
- 128 (may crash if loading project with non-zero timeline_position);
- 61 (rendering aborts with video garbage on a big slideshow).

>> Can someone give me pointers to howtos?
> no there is now such howto AFAIK.

Maybe a wiki page addition would be worthy--unless there are too few 
candidates for development. :)

> change the svn source tree with your fixes, and make a 
> svn diff kdenlive/krenderer.cpp (f.e.)
 > and post the output as a patch file here, so we can review this and
 > apply this into the svn tree.



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