[Kdenlive-devel] Kdenlive goes bonkers

jb jb at ader.ch
Sun Jan 28 22:06:59 UTC 2007

On Friday 26 January 2007 11.16:59 wayne wrote:

> I don't know what brought this about. The only thing I suspect is that I
> recently changed from PAL to NTSC. Is this the way things are supposed to
> work after changing from PAL to NTSC? Is this a big no no? How do I get my
> video back to normal? Switching back to PAL does not do anything.
> I may have to redo my video from scratch.
> I've tried switching from one mode to the other in another project and that
> doesn't seem to affect Kdenlive in any way. Kdenlive works fine in other
> projects.


There is currently no proper way to switch a project from PAL to NTSC. The 
Project->Configure Project dialog is not really working for the moment.

You can tell if your project file is PAL or NTSC by looking at what is said on 
the right side of Kdenlive's status bar.

The other way is to open the .kdenlive project file in a text editor, and look 
at the begining of it.

For a PAL project, you should see something like:

<properties videoprofile="" metadata="" projectratio="1.09259" 
timeline_position="1587" projectfolder="/home/xxx" projectvideoformat="0" 
projectfps="25" projectheight="576" outpoint="0" projectwidth="720" 
inpoint="0" />

For an NTSC project:

<properties videoprofile="" metadata="" projectratio="0.909091" 
timeline_position="0" projectfolder="/home/xxx" projectvideoformat="1" 
projectfps="29.97" projectheight="480" outpoint="0" projectwidth="720" 
inpoint="0" />

You can try to edit the settings if you think they are wrong for your project 

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