[Kdenlive-devel] vasst m2t pal footage rights & kdenlive crash with m2t files

David Arendt admin at prnet.org
Tue Jan 2 18:14:26 UTC 2007

I did the test with patched dvgrab now. If I capture from the beginning 
of tape, same problem. If I play a few seconds, stop, and use dvgrab 
then, all works flawlessly. There seems being something on beginning of 
tape confusing mlt. Another thing I noticed is that for the non working 
clip, ffplay plays flawlessly but writes the following to console:

[mpeg2video @ 0x2b1b8fd8c5b0]ac-tex damaged at 7 48
[mpeg2video @ 0x2b1b8fd8c5b0]Warning MVs not available
[mpeg2video @ 0x2b1b8fd8c5b0]concealing 1800 DC, 1800 AC, 1800 MV errors


dd if=w001.m2t of=zz1.m2t bs=1024 skip=1

the problem can be fixed. zz1.m2t works flawlessly.

If you like to experiment with the nonworking capture, I have put it 
online at http://www.luxmemories.lu/examples/m2t/kdenlive/w001.m2t

I think it is not very high priority to have this fixed as there are 
simple workarounds.

Another thing I have noticed is that dvgrab segfaults when aborting 
using ctrl-c. I don't know if this is dvgrab's fault or if it is related 
to the patch, the camera is even being stopped correctly before segfaulting.

David Arendt wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed that for your testing you used the m2t clips from vasst. I 
> just want to let you know that I am the producer of these clips. As I 
> always like supporting open source software I give you the permission to 
> use this clips for demo material for kdenlive. This is only the case for 
> the PAL clips, the NTSC clips are from another person.
> Concerning the crash, I tried latest cvs version of ffmpeg with same 
> result. I tried the mallard.m2t file and it worked flawlessly. The 
> mallard.m2t was not captured from tape initially but cut out from a big 
> m2t file using a windows utility named hdtvtompeg2. The files I used for 
> testing where whole tape captures. I tried cutting a clip of 10 seconds 
> from the beginning of a file, here inigo did not work correctly. On a 
> clip from 10 seconds from the middle of the file, inigo works flawlessly 
> and so does kdenlive. There seems to be something add the beginning of 
> the files confusing mlt. The tapes have been captured one with cineform 
> connecthd and with mpg1394 grab. Until now I did not try using dvgrab 
> with your patch. Will try this this evening and report my findings back. 
> I will also try starting capture in middle of tape to see if the 
> confusing data is coming from starting capture or from beginning of 
> tape. The camcorder the files have been captured from is a Sony HDR-FX1E.
> Many thanks for this wonderfull NLE. I am really surprised by preview 
> and rendering speed. Continue like that. Also is there any possibilty to 
> make a donation for you ?
> Bye,
> David Arendt
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