[Kdenlive-devel] Need advice on input format / Kdenlive features

Jean-Michel Pouré jmpoure at free.fr
Tue Oct 24 21:47:16 UTC 2006

Dear friends,

Thanks for your help.

I am working with a small team
to produce a documentary.

We shot interviews and share the source videos on the Internet.
This allows each member of the team to access source videos.
Kdenlive will be used to edit the videos and produce the final work.

My questions are:

* Shall I use DV as source or high-quality Mpeg4?
Here are examples of DV and Mpeg4 sources :

* Are there plans for Kdenlive to support
non-destructive editing, at least in Mpeg4.

I mean during rendering, frames that are not edited would 
output using "ffmpeg -acodec copy -vcodec copy".

* Anamorphic questions

The documentary is shot in 16:9, using low-cost tri-ccd camcorders. We
prefer 16:9 to be able to display subtitles.

If I use Mpeg4, shall I resize all source films to 16:9 prior to editing
OR should the rendered handle resizing? I know this is a difficult
question and very softwares support resizing well. As you can see, the
mpeg4 source example is resized. Do you think it is a good strategy to
resize prior to video editing?

Kind regards,
(and many thanks for your help),

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