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Varol Okan varokan at movingsatellites.com
Fri Dec 26 08:02:38 UTC 2003


first a thank you note to Jason for helping me configure kdenlive 
correctly to work now. I found the previous problem to be an empty 
kdenliveui.rc under ~/.kde/share/apps/kdenlive/.

Jason also pointed out to kde-config --prefix, which lists the correct 
directry. I would strongly suggest to incorporate this into the 
configure script, to check first for the right prefix and let the usr 
overwrite if neccesary.

I compiled and installed the cvs version of kdenlive just fine without 
any problems.


Also as I mentioned before I am in the process of programming a GUI for 
dvdauthor, which would/could be nice for kdenlive to support. I attached 
the source file. All you got to do is to type
 >qmake qdvdauthor.pro; make
This should build qdvdauthor. The application does not do much right 
now. I only implemented <Add Background> and <Add Sound>. I misused the 
later one to read in a dvdauthor-xml file, stores all vars in the 
structure and then writes it out again from the structure.
All one has to do now is to make the GUI work and fill in the right 
values, store it and execute dvdauthor/spumux. I am currently trying to 
get a dvd-menu working with dvdauthor.

Regards ...

Varol Okan :)

Jason Wood wrote:

>On Thursday 25 December 2003 20:55, Varol Okan wrote:
>>I am currently trying to develop a GUI for dvdauthor and I wrote a
>>complete parser for the xml files for dvdauthor and spumux. It is pretty
>>straight forward (sometimes ugly) but simple. I used Qt exclusively
>>(throughout the whole project).
>>Please note that my app is at this time not doing anything but to read,
>>and write the xml code as I am trying to figure out how to properly use
>>dvdauther et al.
>>Now I think it would be a cool add on to kdenlive to generate a DVD with
>>menus, subtitles etc.  This might already exist but I could not get
>>kdenlive 0.2.3 to work for me, so I would not know.
>It doesn't exist at the moment. I thought you did get Kdenlive working in the 
>end, what was wrong, exactly?
>>Anyhow, if you are interested I am more then happy to give the code to
>>you (also currently my app is extremely small). After all, why do the
>>same things over and over again ?
>Sure, if the .tgz is around 50k or less, feel free to email it to the list, or 
>you can email it to me directly. We will have to discuss this and see how it 
>best fits into the "big picture" :-)
>Here is something that I have been thinking about though :
>I have become interested in some of the new features in KDE 3.2, in particular 
>KMdi, which is what Kdevelop uses to select between tabbed/IDEAL/free 
>standing windows modes of operation. I am experimenting (in a separate cvs 
>checkout) with adding support for this to Kdenlive. If this works, I will 
>commit it to a separate KDE_3_2 branch so that the default version of 
>kdenlive still targets KDE 3.0
>>From looking at KMdi, it is derived from classes that are KPart-aware. Now, 
>this is a direction I am thinking of Kdenlive in. Here are some of the 
>(currently half-baked) ideas of what would be possible.
>* Embedding a monitor into konqueror or other applications.
>* Embedding non-kdenlive kparts into kdenlive as extra windows. For example, 
>with KDE 3.2 there are new possibilities for scripting applications; we could 
>embed a generic script editor into kdenlive.
>* Features that do not necesserily fit into the client/server Kdenlive 
>structure can be added as kparts, so that they run within kdenlive but can be 
>developed separately.
>So one possibility would be to develop the dvdauthor frontend as a separate 
>kpart and integrate it into kdenlive that way; this would allow the front end 
>to be used separately as well.
>What do you think?

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