[Kdenlive-devel] piave CVS

Rolf Dubitzky R.Dubitzky at physi.uni-heidelberg.de
Mon Dec 1 15:45:49 UTC 2003


 I fixed a few things, e.g. export (I guess this also fixes the ieee1394 
grabbing 'pgrab'). But I probably broke also a few...
There are still some leaks but I managed to cut, and export a 20min clip.

The configure problem with sndfile is solved by requireing a pe-installed 
libsndfile package. libsamplerate is disabled till I find time to look into 
the configure script. Anyway, I guess in current CVS the problems which some 
people have been seeing should be fixed. Please, could somebody check this. I 
think, if this is fixed it would justify a bug-fix release.

Cheers, Rolf

contacts: http://www.physi.uniheidelberg.de/~dubitzky

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