[Kdenlive-devel] Timeline modifications

Reinhard Amersberger protux at web.de
Mon Apr 14 14:44:18 UTC 2003

kdenlive-devel at lists.sourceforge.net schrieb am 07.04.03 18:46:07:
> Hi,
> I finally got a network cable for my laptop, so I'm back up to speed with
> development. However, I'm going to be on holiday starting in ohh, about two
> hours, for the rest of the week so don't expect me to get much done for a
> few more days ;-)
> Anyway, I have committed some more changes to Kdenlive. For some reason, I
> keep forgetting to get round to looking at keyboard shortcuts and
> inpoints/outpoints and get sidetracked by other things instead. This commit
> brings a slightly modified view of the timeline. Now, each video track has a
> "bar" across the top, and a white area beneath it that will eventually be
> collapsable/hidable. This is an initial commit of a keyframe track that will
> be able to handle an effect parameter, such as alpha transparency, but for
> the moment, it just behaves like a pretty extension as to what it did
> before.
> Let me know what you think, 

I still prefer having a separate "keyframeline" ;-) just like MoviePack (MovieDV), especially when having two monitors.
Because sometimes you need a LOT of added effects to a track (with a lot of parameters too) which results a LOT of keyframe tracks.
So maybe user could lost the focus?!?

> I promise to add keyboard shortcuts sometime
> next week!



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