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Tue Oct 26 13:19:36 BST 2021

On Monday, October 25, 2021 08:27:29 AM René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> Last time I used a TV as a monitor was in my C64 days - and even that
> didn't last long (meaning we got a proper monitor, the computer lasted me
> a bit longer :) ) Nowadays I do the opposite (saves us from paying the "TV
> tax" O:-) )

Not sure what you mean by the TV tax.

I use a 1080p 32" TV as my computer monitor (192-x1080).  Cost me about $150 
about 7 years ago (iirc).  

Nowadays they are harder to find, most 32" TVs are 720p.  It almost seems like 
the manufacturers decided they could sell them (the 1080p) at a higher price 
if they took out the TV tuner and labled them as "computer monitors".

As far as a TV tax, if you're talking about cable fees, they are ridiculous.  
I installed on OTA outdoor antenna maybe 5 years ago and get plenty of 
channels (on the order of 55 in the fringes of the Philadelphia area), and 
pretty much all that my son and I need for our rare TV watching.

(Of course, we can't get "cable only" channels, but not too many we'd want 
that we can't get the gist of some other way (e.g., youtube).)

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