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René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Tue Oct 26 16:41:34 BST 2021

On Tuesday October 26 2021 08:19:36 rhkramer at wrote:

>Not sure what you mean by the TV tax.

Something specific to (certain) EU countries, where owners of appliances containing a TV tuner have to pay a few hundred bucks each year, which are used to finance the national TV stations. Given the overall quality of their offering and the fact they all run ads nowadays, I prefer to spend that money on other things. BTW, that is on top of what you'd pay for a cable subscription, or to your internet provider to pump their selection of channels through your modem. (Rant: more and more just include that cost in your internet subscription, whether to subscribe to the TV feature and get the decoder, or not. Thieves...) 

>I use a 1080p 32" TV as my computer monitor (192-x1080).  Cost me about $150 
>about 7 years ago (iirc).  

I have a 22" (or so) 1080p B&Q monitor which cast me about the same a few years (<7) ago, and it's a matte, high-frequency screen too. Not so certain you'd find those features in budget big screen TVs?

>that we can't get the gist of some other way (e.g., youtube).)

The gist or slightly more of a whiff, right? O:-)


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