New task manager

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Oct 25 13:27:29 BST 2021

On Monday October 25 2021 11:51:24 Duncan wrote:

>Heh, not crazy-res as in dpi, actually rather low dpi, but crazy big...  
>Try two 75"/1.9m 4k TVs as monitors.  Literally a /wall/ of screen! =:^)

Still pretty high dpi effectively, when you've moved back far enough to be able to take it all in ;)

Last time I used a TV as a monitor was in my C64 days - and even that didn't last long (meaning we got a proper monitor, the computer lasted me a bit longer :) )
Nowadays I do the opposite (saves us from paying the "TV tax" O:-) )

>AMD fx6100 6-thread w/ 16 gig RAM, now nearing a decade old.  So that'll 
>be my next upgrade.

10 year old 2nd gen i7 here on my main rig, an N3150 in the Linux notebook. Gets the job done too...


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