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Mon Oct 25 12:51:24 BST 2021

René J.V. Bertin posted on Mon, 25 Oct 2021 11:44:54 +0200 as excerpted:

> Configurability will undoubtedly remain, but I'm less certain it'll
> continue to allow you to get exactly what you want if your tastes don't
> co-evolve. QML-based apps *can* use the widget style of your choice but
> IIUC that applies only to "older" QML code. I meant what I said about
> levelling down. 

You do have a point there.  The QML code is /vastly/ easier for them to 
maintain and they get the touch-interface stuff with it effectively "for 
free".  And from what I've seen they're not doing performance-critical 
code in QML (more things like kconfig modules that you run occasionally 
to tweak things a bit but that aren't the performance-critical guts) so I 
don't think it's that much of a performance loss.  But the QML GUI 
doesn't really look or behave like "native kde" in many respects, and 
that's definitely a loss.

Luckily for me it has all been in areas I don't really care that much 
about.  Actually, the same thing applies to firefox, where many are 
panning the new GUI, but I have it so customized and extended (e.g. tree-
style-tabs along with userChrome.css mods to kill the default horizontal 
tabbar) that I don't see half of the changes at all, and the ones I do 
see, like a slightly modified popup "multiple open tabs" warning when I 
try to close a browser window running multiple tabs instead of just 
closing the tab, I really don't care about.

> One thing I often notice immediately is louse text
> rendering that clearly doesn't use FreeType and FontConfig (with the
> Infinality patches in my case) to the max of their capability (if at
> all).
> That may be moot if you have one of those crazy -res screens, but I'd
> like to think I'm not the only one holding out being happily satisfied
> by my mere 1080p screens... (except for my little hybrid notebook but
> that one is such a dud that I ended up installing CrOs on it).

Heh, not crazy-res as in dpi, actually rather low dpi, but crazy big...  
Try two 75"/1.9m 4k TVs as monitors.  Literally a /wall/ of screen! =:^)

One of these years "decent-size" 8ks won't cost the equivalent of a new 
car, and I can upgrade to my dream, a single ~100"/2.5m 8k (or even 120"/
3m with some minor remodeling).

But I've upgraded both monitors and storage (to ssd and an ssd upgrade) 
since my last cpu/mobo/ram upgrade on the main machine, which is still an 
AMD fx6100 6-thread w/ 16 gig RAM, now nearing a decade old.  So that'll 
be my next upgrade.

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