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René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Oct 25 10:44:54 BST 2021

On Monday October 25 2021 05:03:29 Duncan wrote:

>The **BIG** thing I'd worry about there is security -- qt4 has long been 
>out of support upstream, and kde4 went with it.  They, qtwebkit in 
>particular, are *KNOWN* to be full of security holes by now.  A still 

I didn't go into specifics of what I update and what apps I use, but suffice it to say that I have the latest KDE4 compatible OpenSSL installed, I use Waterfox for my browser, and QtWebkit4 only to render emails (after filtering and by default without loading remote content). Well, maybe also in things like the weather widget but something tells me that only fetches weather data.
Plasma4 really serves me only for the desktop environment - taskbars, the desktop itself, the Launcelot launcher menu, that kind of thing.


>The thing about kde/plasma is that it tends to expose more 
>configurability than many of the other alternatives,

True. I did manage to get something close to what I have on my main (Plasma4) system on a distro that IIRC has Plasma 5.17, but it took a lot of fiddling around because KDE4 migration support is clearly not that good (anymore). I can't really compare performance because the hardware is too different, but I think the increasing use of QML for everything doesn't help in that department, nor does it help in getting things to look the way I want. I tried LiquidShell, a PlasmaShell replacement but while I appreciate its performance it is just too rigid and different from how I like things to be.

>configurable to a desktop I'm comfortable with.  May it always be so! =:^)

Configurability will undoubtedly remain, but I'm less certain it'll continue to allow you to get exactly what you want if your tastes don't co-evolve. QML-based apps *can* use the widget style of your choice but IIUC that applies only to "older" QML code. I meant what I said about levelling down. One thing I often notice immediately is louse text rendering that clearly doesn't use FreeType and FontConfig (with the Infinality patches in my case) to the max of their capability (if at all). That may be moot if you have one of those crazy -res screens, but I'd like to think I'm not the only one holding out being happily satisfied by my mere 1080p screens... (except for my little hybrid notebook but that one is such a dud that I ended up installing CrOs on it).


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