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Am Sun, Oct 24, 2021 at 12:19:21PM +0200 schrieb René J.V. Bertin:

> >Generally, I approve of new and improved systems, but I have some
> I hear you, but have some doubts about the meaning of the concept
> "improved" where the GUI is concerned. The Plasma5 desktop seems to be
> following the current fashion of levelling down the interface to mobile
> device design and interaction principles and that doesn't incite me at all
> to keep following updates...

I also noticed little details about that. Like over-scrolling panels when
using a stone-age mouse wheel. Yesterday I came across an old Blog post of
Nate’s from a year ago, and I was flabbergasted by how much Windows 11 looks
like KDE from then:

OTOH, I do have a tablet (a Surface Go) on which I installed my standard
Arch-with-KDE. And there I appreciate the fact that touch support is being
worked on – even on X11. But in comparison to Windows – we do have a choice!
You don’t like a menu with big tiles? Just switch the style and revert to a
text-style cascading menu. It ships out of the box. Hooray!

> I came to KDE in its late Plasma4 days after observing it seemed to be
> headed to become a worthy replacement for Mac OS X (then still called like
> that) for me. My current system has (self-built) KF5 apps running under
> that same Plasma4 desktop but it seems I'm going to have to keep looking
> what to replace that with when holding out on a Kubuntu 14.04 foundation
> becomes untenable.

While KDE4 was running well in later stages, I actually prefer the
aesthetics of KDE5. The gradients and borders and so on were too thick and
took up too much space. I know – fashions and tastes come and go – but I
think the current design *is* more efficient when it comes to screen pixels.
Breeze notwithstanding, which is why I stick to QtCurve and Oxygen icons
which I’ve been using since early KDE4 days (QtCurve maybe even in KDE3?).

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