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René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sun Oct 24 11:19:21 BST 2021

On Saturday October 23 2021 16:56:21 Dave Close wrote:

>I just installed a new system and discovered I now have KDE 5.22.

Do I read you correctly that you started with an entirely clean system, including your home directory? What I usually do, even with a clean install on a new machine is, in order:
- create a basic, fallback admin account, plus my main account under my usual username
- change whatever the new UID is to the one I use on my other systems
- transfer the contents of my home directory (FWIW, Macs always had a great feature to import "all your stuff" from "your old computer" ... you can/could even boot them into a mode where they act as an external drive rather than having to do the importing over the net).

The main point here is of course to transfer your ~/.config and ~/.local directories WHILE YOU ARE NOT LOGGED IN (a desktop session; console or remote SSH is OK of course).

My remarks below notwithstanding, KDE tends to be pretty good at importing older configs. I don't know what KDE 5 version you came from, but chances are the 5.22 DE will open in a way that's very close to what you're used to after the operation outlined above. If it doesn't ... at least you'll have a real bug to report ;)

>Generally, I approve of new and improved systems, but I have some

I hear you, but have some doubts about the meaning of the concept "improved" where the GUI is concerned. The Plasma5 desktop seems to be following the current fashion of levelling down the interface to mobile device design and interaction principles and that doesn't incite me at all to keep following updates... I came to KDE in its late Plasma4 days after observing it seemed to be headed to become a worthy replacement for Mac OS X (then still called like that) for me. My current system has (self-built) KF5 apps running under that same Plasma4 desktop but it seems I'm going to have to keep looking what to replace that with when holding out on a Kubuntu 14.04 foundation becomes untenable.


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