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René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Oct 25 10:09:47 BST 2021

On Monday October 25 2021 01:09:31 Frank Steinmetzger wrote:

>OTOH, I do have a tablet (a Surface Go) on which I installed my standard
>Arch-with-KDE. And there I appreciate the fact that touch support is being
>worked on – even on X11.

Sure, but that's something else, right? There are desktop computers with a touchscreen, at least those hybrid notebooks.
There used to be a "netbook" config that you could install with KDE4, as opposed to a desktop config. But that can of course just have been something concocted at the distribution level.

>While KDE4 was running well in later stages, I actually prefer the
>aesthetics of KDE5. The gradients and borders and so on were too thick and
>took up too much space.

You could configure those, and the waste of space in widget styles was much less. Compare the Oxygen style from back then and what it is now, how much more compact it used to be.

>Breeze notwithstanding, which is why I stick to QtCurve and Oxygen icons
>which I’ve been using since early KDE4 days (QtCurve maybe even in KDE3?).

Idem (I even help maintain QtCurve), though I use the Oxygen icons as a fallback.

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