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Dave Close dave at
Sun Oct 24 17:07:49 BST 2021

I wrote:

>1. How do I disable the "icons-only task manager" and enable one with
>more useful visible information? (I *hate* icons.)

Duncan answered:

>If the task manager (icons-only or not) is on a panel, configure-clicking
>(normally, right-clicking) on it, *provided* you can click it without
>clicking a pinned item (or presumably a window) altho that may require a
>bit of patience and/or expanding the panel and/or closing/unpinning
>enough stuff to have some empty space to click, should present a menu
>with a "Show Alternatives" entry.  Clicking that should show you the
>alternatives (three here, the normal and icons-only task managers and the
>window list).

Yes, that works just fine. Thanks. I'm embarrassed not to see it before.

I wrote:

>2. How do I unlock the widgets on the new task manager? The tool list
>no longer seems to include that function and I don't find it elsewhere.
>I am able to add new widgets but I can't modify the properties of those
>already added.

Frank Steinmetzger answered:

>I just found out that the context menu, which allows you to select an
>alternative task manager, also has an item "start edit mode" and it also
>shows a keyboard shortcut: Alt+D, Alt+S. But you can also right-click the
>desktop, the menu has the same mentioned item, only the shortcut is Alt+D,E.

Yes, but. On my system, Alt-D:Alt-S brings up the desktop folder settings
window. I see nothing there about unlocking widgets. On the desktop, Alt-D:E
brings up Krunner with an item to configure the desktop; still nothing
about unlocking widgets.

I can modify some widget properties with the Edit Applications function
on the launcher. But not all of them. For example, that provides no way
to change the icon or to add options to the command invoked. Trying to do
those things through the widget properties function leaves the OK button
gray no matter what I've tried.
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