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Am Sat, Oct 23, 2021 at 04:56:21PM -0700 schrieb Dave Close:

> I just installed a new system and discovered I now have KDE 5.22.
> Generally, I approve of new and improved systems, but I have some
> questions and the web has not helped me find answers.

I just upgraded to 5.23, but it is very likely what I described hasn’t
changed much in recent time.

> 1. How do I disable the "icons-only task manager" and enable one with
> more useful visible information? (I *hate* icons.)

Duncan was right in that you right-click on an empty area of the taskbar and
select the alternative. I also run the classic icons-with-text variety,
which should be simply called taskbar (not sure about the English term),
whereas what you are currently running is called taskbar with icons (maybe
not exactly).

But unlike him, I see no problem achieving the right-click. All you need is
close all windows to have a maximum click area. And if you are on icons-only
at the moment, then even having several windows open shan’t be a problem.

> 2. How do I unlock the widgets on the new task manager? The tool list
> no longer seems to include that function and I don't find it elsewhere.
> I am able to add new widgets but I can't modify the properties of those
> already added.

I just found out that the context menu, which allows you to select an
alternative task manager, also has an item “start edit mode” and it also
shows a keyboard shortcut: Alt+D, Alt+S. But you can also right-click the
desktop, the menu has the same mentioned item, only the shortcut is Alt+D,E.

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