Problems with recent plasma versions

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Oct 21 15:38:08 BST 2021

On Thursday October 21 2021 14:21:06 Peter Humphrey wrote:

>Recent versions of plasma have been accompanied by KOrganiser losing its 
>imported calendar.

That's not a Plasma DE problem, but something related to KDE PIM (akonadi). Best ask on kdepim-users (the ML).

>There's another problem too, with Konsole. I have three windows open 
>permanently on one desktop, and they used to reopen any time I logged in. Now, 
>they don't and I have to open them and reposition them every time.

How about windows of other applications? As you know, the Plasma DE has several options for restoring the session that was active on logout. By default (IIRC), it will restore the last used session, but you can also set it to define a fixed session upon the next logout, and then have that session restored every time.  If you use that option and the information somehow got lost that would explain your current issue. If you're not using it, you could check it out and see if it gives you the behaviour you want.

BTW, which applications are started is indeed a Plasma responsibility, but window geometry is under control of both the window manager and the application itself. THat is, the application is responsible (AFAIK!) for saving its last window geometry via a function in the KWindowSystem framework (or defining its desired initial size, as in the case of Konsole), and the window manager is responsible for respecting that information (or not; there's a setting for that in the KWin preferences).

>Also, when 
>logging out, there's a pause before anything happens, then the contents of 
>those windows appear briefly on a black screen (not the windows themselves, 
>just whatever they were displaying).

Again, only Konsole windows, or any and all windows? This sounds more like a Plasma issue, but it could also be a result of an update to your drivers or your X11 server. Or maybe you migrated to using Wayland?


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