Problems with recent plasma versions

Peter Humphrey peter at
Thu Oct 21 14:21:06 BST 2021

Hello list,

Recent versions of plasma have been accompanied by KOrganiser losing its 
imported calendar. I go through the standard process to add my gmail account, 
and that works fine, but after an apparently random interval it raises a load 
of not-found errors. When I check, either the calendar has disappeared, or its 
tick-boxes have been cleared. This is regardless of whether the program is 
still running.

There's another problem too, with Konsole. I have three windows open 
permanently on one desktop, and they used to reopen any time I logged in. Now, 
they don't and I have to open them and reposition them every time. Also, when 
logging out, there's a pause before anything happens, then the contents of 
those windows appear briefly on a black screen (not the windows themselves, 
just whatever they were displaying).

Are these problems known and being investigated?


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