List archive wanted

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sun Sep 13 09:37:35 BST 2020

On Sunday September 13 2020 10:12:08 Martin Steigerwald wrote:

>However, 'archivemail' that I used last time to generate an mbox archive 
>is gone from Debian (Python 2). But I bet if Akonadi likes to cooperate 
>I could either copy all mails to an MBOX resource… or maybe there is a 
>different tool to convert the maildir into MBOX.

Yep, a simple local IMAP server; if you create a "folder" and copy all the email into it that will give you an mbox-format file with just a very simple header that you can remove.

KMail will also allow you to copy the messages into your INBOX, which also has an MBOX format and probably lives in /var/mail .

Akonadi also has an archive agent, no idea what you could do with that (other than creating some kind of archive 8-) )


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