List archive wanted

Martin Steigerwald martin at
Sun Sep 13 09:12:08 BST 2020

Hi Albert.

Albert Astals Cid - 13.09.20, 02:13:14 CEST:
> Hello, we are going to enable archives from the mailing list soon, if
> someone has a [semi] complete archive of it, please get in contact
> with sysadmin at so we can backfill the archive as much as
> possible.

I only have back to beginning of 2014. Missing KDE CI related messages 
as I filter them out, but I think this mailing list does not have those 
anyway. As my spam filter setup always have been quite effective – 
especially in addition to any spam filtering at KDE mail servers –, it 
should be mostly free of spam.

However, 'archivemail' that I used last time to generate an mbox archive 
is gone from Debian (Python 2). But I bet if Akonadi likes to cooperate 
I could either copy all mails to an MBOX resource… or maybe there is a 
different tool to convert the maildir into MBOX.

Anyway, I am going to wait a few days whether someone has a more 
complete archive. Let me know if you do not hear from anyone.


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