KDE problems 5.5.5

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 15:04:01 BST 2019

On Tuesday July 16 2019 08:31:15 Draciron Smith wrote:

> > I am curious if KDE 5.5.5 was a Windows Vista kind of release that isn't
> >> really supported or used?

The notion of support in Open Source software always makes me chuckle. You will find kind souls who'll try to help you with running really old software (often because they do so themselves) but you'll also find people who consider you should just run the most recent version (because they always do) - regardless of whether your machine is up to that.

Of course, with Linux there is much less reason not to upgrade as most of the time the newer software will run just as smoothly as long as you manage to deactivate any new redundant eye-candy that it comes with. KDE desktops used to be less resource-hungry (and thus faster, once started) than Gnome, but KDE's move to using more and more QML will probably not work out so nicely on slower machines. You can still get around it in part, but that requires figuring out how.

You may want to try Lubuntu, it's Qt-based desktop that still uses parts of KDE but is supposed to be more suitable for slower hardware.

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