KDE problems 5.5.5

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at ucar.edu
Tue Jul 16 15:26:07 BST 2019

On 7/16/19 7:31 AM, Draciron Smith wrote:
> Dolphin defaults to a size larger than my screen and often locks in place so I cannot move it to resize it. I just don't even bother with Dolphin any more.  The loss of extensions pretty well crippled it anyway.

<ALT>+<LeftMouseButton> == move window
so you can get access to window controls

<ALT>+<RightMouseButton> == Resize Edge/Corner near your mouse

I don't recall for sure, but i think Dolphin defaults to "last size used" when re-opened.
You could try using KWin Window-Specific settings to force dolphin size.
Click the window app-icon in upper left, select "More Actions->Special Window Settings",
then under "Size & Position" click the enable gadget for "Size", set "Apply Initially"
and specify a size.  theoretically, if things work right, everytime you open a NEW dolphin,
it should come up as that size.   If not, you could try using "Force".


I haven't tried bleeding edge of KDE, using whatever is in Debian Stretch at this point, but i am pretty disgusted by
the state of almost all software these days.  I have more issues with the current software set with a 32GB desktop than
i had with 6GB 10 years ago.  Stuff like the Task Manager failing to group 60 Firefox windows together, Plasmashell being
completely non-responsive after switching windows, plasmashell locking up forever due to single-threaded handling of
systray stuff like NetworkManager (requiring a complete kquitapp5 (which often doesn't work), pkill plasmashell; plasmashell &).

Can't blame it on KDE, maybe, but also, Xorg constantly blanks out my screen momentarily (dual-monitor, sometimes only one
monitor blanks out).  This gets worse as the number of windows/X-activity grows.  Also happening on my single-monitor docked
laptop setup at home.

I really hate to say it, but i'm at my wits end, and i don't think Gnome will necessarily be much better, but may be more


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