How do you start your KDE session?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sun Apr 28 09:51:04 BST 2019

On Saturday April 27 2019 14:30:55 Jerome Yuzyk wrote:

>How do you start your KDE session?

>But I'd like to be able to craft something that opens up the things I usually 
>open when I start, and I'm thinking out loud to this list. I'm more inclined 
>to a scripted solution, but other ways to collect and minimize all the 
>clicking you do would be interesting too.

Sounds like what I do. In the session management KCM where you disabled the "restore previous option" you also have the option to "restore manually saved session" (or at least you had, under KDE4/Plasma4). If you tick this, the default kicker/launcher panel widget (a.k.a. "start menu") gets a new option along the options to log off, restart, suspend etc: to save the current session.

This allows you to set up a session as you want, save it, and then see it restored each time you log in as far as KDE is capable, no matter what kind of crud you had open when you logged off.
The Startup/Shutdown settings group also has a KCM where you can configure scripts that should be started when you log in (or off), for any applications that don't support session management, or things that only need to be run once.

There's also a hook somewhere to replace KWin in case you want something with a smaller footprint (or better looking window decorations).


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