How do you start your KDE session?

Jerome Yuzyk jerome at
Sat Apr 27 21:30:55 BST 2019

How do you start your KDE session?

I'm talking post-Login, after KDE has settled and you're looking at a fresh 

I don't like to boot my desktop any more than I have to since, being a 
desktop, it's supposed to be on kinda like an appliance. Anything less than a 
couple months' uptime is annoying if I don't have to reboot for a kernel/KDE 

Plus, I run 3 virtual desktops that each can have multiple windows, and many 
of those windows have multiple tabs.

I know KDE can save and restart Sessions, and browsers can save and re-open 
tab clusters. I disabled Session restart because I accumulate a lot of open 
stuff and I don't want _all_ of it to re-open, and definitely not in 
conjunction with KDE starting. I've looked at manually saving a Session but 
haven't tried it out because - I don't like rebooting lots.

But I'd like to be able to craft something that opens up the things I usually 
open when I start, and I'm thinking out loud to this list. I'm more inclined 
to a scripted solution, but other ways to collect and minimize all the 
clicking you do would be interesting too.

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