swap (was: Re: disable akonadi)

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Mon Sep 3 10:33:47 BST 2018

René J.V. Bertin - 03.09.18, 11:21:
> >Anyway: The best way of using swap is actually not using it even when
> Well, DOH(OHOHOHO) ...
> Not sure how you'd avoid that other than by NOT having any, though, on
> the kind of system I'm used to (laptops with 8 or 16Gb max). You're
> talking about machines that are in a completely different ballpark, I
> cannot even begin to imagine what it'd be like to work with a system
> that has more than 32Gb of RAM.

I am pretty sure this ThinkPad with 16 GiB of RAM would be pretty fine 
with swap disabled. But then no suspend to disk anymore. At least not 
with default settings of writing the memory to swap.

However as noted if you do heavy image or video editing work or 
something like that, even 16 GiB may not be enough. Considering usual 
disk sizes I see not much of an issue to allocate some swap for special, 
unforeseen circumstances like opening a 10000x10000 pixel image in Krita 
and working on it.


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