disable akonadi

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 09:29:02 BST 2018

On Saturday September 01 2018 01:09:23 Duncan wrote:

>Other than some metadata for images, etc, which I can get other ways if I 
>need it, I don't miss it.  Rather the opposite as the system's *SO* much 
>faster and less bloated, now! =:^)

Funny. I rarely use the feature under KDE, but on my Mac I do appreciate the equivalent called Spotlight a few times a week. Of course you hardly notice it's there most of the time.

OTOH, I use KMail (4.1x) on both KDE and Mac, and on the Mac I do miss being able to do useful searches in my email. Not enough to have delved in to figure out why I can only search email headers, not content - the fact my KDE desktop is never far away must have something to do with that :)

OTOH2: the locate database gets rebuilt once a day on my Linux, typically when I wake the system in the morning - and that's really noticeable.

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