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Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sat Sep 1 02:09:23 BST 2018

Bernd Nachtigall posted on Fri, 31 Aug 2018 07:35:48 +0200 as excerpted:

> Hi,
> my favoured GUI is KDE. But since KMail et. al. is such a PITA I don't
> use applikation which needs akonadi anymore.
> How can I disable akonadi so that there is no restart at each new login?

Here on gentoo, after switching away from anything kdepim related 
including kmail and akregator, I set USE=-semantic-desktop, rebuilt the 
various bits of kde/plasma that had that USE flag, and got rid of 
akonadi, baloo, back when it was otherwise necessary nepomuk, and several 
other related packages.  They're not on my system at all now so /can't/ 
run! =:^)

Other than some metadata for images, etc, which I can get other ways if I 
need it, I don't miss it.  Rather the opposite as the system's *SO* much 
faster and less bloated, now! =:^)

In fact, it was enough of a difference that in the late kde4 and early 
kde5/plasma5 era when gentoo/kde decided they weren't going to support 
USE=-semantic-desktop any longer, I found it worthwhile to continue 
maintaining the kde4 patches to disable building against it, and then to 
figure out kde5 patches for plasma-workspace and plasma-desktop (the only 
two things I had installed in plasma5 that actually /required/ it at that 
point, and it was baloo they wanted) on my own.  Eventually upstream kde/
plasma decided they didn't want tied to baloo, which had pretty well been 
abandoned by then and was just hobbling along with keep-it-working 
patches, any more anyway, and they added the option to disable it, which 
the gentoo/kde folks quickly took advantage of, exposing the option to 
users via USE=-semantic-desktop again, and I was able to drop the patches 
I had been carrying locally.

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