KWin5 and colour scheme special application setting

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Mar 13 08:52:02 GMT 2017

On Monday March 13 2017 02:46:35 Duncan wrote:

Thanks Duncan,

>What I'd do is make sure whatever color scheme I had was saved so I could 
>get back to it, then try other color schemes.  If others, particularly 
>those shipped with kde/plasma itself, have the same problem, it's likely 
>a problem with the widget style (poor choices of color role matchups and/
>or style modifications of those colors that don't work well with the 
>chosen color roles they're modifying).  If the color themes that kde 
>ships seem to work fine, then it's a glitch in the custom color scheme 
>you were using.

That's debugging 1-0-1 and I think I know it quite well, what I don't know is if this happens only to me :)


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