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Mon Apr 24 17:32:32 BST 2017

On Mon, 24 Apr 2017 10:27:10 +0200
René J.V. Bertin <rjvbertin at> wrote:

> On Monday April 24 2017 08:37:35 Günter Zöchbauer wrote:
> >My KDE keeps forgetting desktop settings and I'm not even able to ask for
> >support.
> >Could be similar to but
> >it's unclear what the solution was there.  
> There probably never was a clear solution; I've added some observations on that to the topic.
> My hunch is that settings restore is only well tested in unit-tests, not so much "in the wild"; I wouldn't be amazed if many or even most KDE devs prefer to run a mostly their desktop and apps with default/stock settings and thus rarely encounter settngs restore issues.
> And for certain settings (like exact window positions) it appears there is even a PoV from the main developer that those cannot or shouldn't be restored. That'd be BS of course so I hope this is just me misinterpreting that person's statements.
> R.
Settings as I use them here are retained - even the position of application windows. That is a logical thing to do really as there may have been several up when a user logs back in again. I only use a plain ordinary set up though, no activities for instance but as those are folders by another name there shouldn't be any problems really.

The difference is probably down to both disto installed and version. I'm using kde plasma 5.86, framework 5.26 and qt 5.6.1. There is still a lot of kde4 around and I'd guess as that goes things may take a while to re appear again.

I'm having other problems more related to hardware. They go and updates may bring them back but otherwise it's mostly pretty solid.

If you are having problems joining the kde org forum I had the same problem. I contacted the administrator and it turned out that I had miss typed my email address.

;-) I asked a question on there though as I thought that devs might read posts and no answer. 67 reads so far. Not asking for a change just info.

To correct another post I made - nothing to do with wayland. It seems kde is compiling dolphin so that it will not run as root. Sounds like it checks and refuses. It's built into some releases. Not sure if this is disto or kde.


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