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René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Apr 24 09:27:10 BST 2017

On Monday April 24 2017 08:37:35 Günter Zöchbauer wrote:

>My KDE keeps forgetting desktop settings and I'm not even able to ask for
>Could be similar to but
>it's unclear what the solution was there.

There probably never was a clear solution; I've added some observations on that to the topic.

My hunch is that settings restore is only well tested in unit-tests, not so much "in the wild"; I wouldn't be amazed if many or even most KDE devs prefer to run a mostly their desktop and apps with default/stock settings and thus rarely encounter settngs restore issues.

And for certain settings (like exact window positions) it appears there is even a PoV from the main developer that those cannot or shouldn't be restored. That'd be BS of course so I hope this is just me misinterpreting that person's statements.


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