Problem with plasmashellrc off ~/.config

John john_82 at
Mon Apr 24 17:32:26 BST 2017

I've stopped all of the cataloguing with the aim of bringing it back up in a way I may find useful - ;-) a bit less exuberant.

I thought this was all baloo related but bookmarks still come up when I use the start button search. This seems to be down to plasmashellrc. A line gives a white list of plugins that mention bookmarks also services and baloosearch in my case. Baloo is disabled. So I remove bookmarks from the list and it gets written back in as soon as I use the start button search and up pops the bookmark search panel. This may be happening for some other reason and there doesn't seem to be any doc's for this file.

Anyone have any idea on how to get rid of this? It's more of a hindrance than a help really. :-( I like to be in control of my own machine TOO.


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