Problem with plasmashellrc off ~/.config

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Mon Apr 24 21:52:14 BST 2017

John wrote:

> I've stopped all of the cataloguing with the aim of bringing it back up in
> a way I may find useful - ;-) a bit less exuberant.
> I thought this was all baloo related but bookmarks still come up when I
> use the start button search. This seems to be down to plasmashellrc. A
> line gives a white list of plugins that mention bookmarks also services
> and baloosearch in my case. Baloo is disabled. So I remove bookmarks from
> the list and it gets written back in as soon as I use the start button
> search and up pops the bookmark search panel. This may be happening for
> some other reason and there doesn't seem to be any doc's for this file.

I think plasma and krunner share plugins these days, so if you disable the 
krunner bookmarks plugin, plasma should (may?) follow suit.

alt-f2 -> click configure icon on left, uncheck "bookmarks"

-- Rex

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